Follow your star

Dear Capricorn, your goal isn't impossible. Recruit help from people around you. Finding a new market or business expansion is on the cards. Those in love and their partners learn to tolerate each other's flaws.

Dear Aquarius, things don't go your way because of office politics and liars. Aquarians in love and their honeys are there for each other. Singles, someone very kinky flirts with you.

Dear Pisces, there's a chance you may have to take on a more challenging position. Your office juniors can help. More income from a sideline is possible. Someone is plotting to steal your boo away.

Dear Aries, you aren't too happy with how your work turns out. It may even cause obstacles in a future project. Those in love and their partners both take steps back to rethink their relationship.

Dear Taurus, serious conflicts mar your work. Beware of deception. Pace your spending as several necessary bills are coming your way. Taureans in love should brace for a stormy and fragile phase in their relationship.

Dear Gemini, you may be assigned to work on a major project. Extra income may unexpectedly come from someone older. Taken Geminians disagree with their honeys over money.

Dear Cancer, be extra careful to avoid getting dragged into a legal dispute. A man makes it clear he is your enemy. Singles aren't into the person who is into them and they fall for someone they can't have.

Dear Leo, you give your best to tasks despite a huge workload. A negotiation doesn't go smoothly but you will be happy with the outcome in the end. Singles meet hotties while going to new places.

Dear Virgo, your physical and mental health improves. You find new sources of inspiration. You may receive overdue money. You may see two people at the same time but manage to keep it a secret.

Dear Libra, you pull off a major assignment. Those waiting to hear about a job or uni application will receive good news. Librans in love have the upper hand in their relationship because their partners are eager to please them.

Dear Scorpio, work moves forward slowly but you achieve what you set out to do. Meeting new people leads to new insights about yourself. Singles happily focus on work for now so they can build their future.

Dear Sagittarius, you will do well at a job interview or negotiation. Your travelling expenses increase. Sagittarians in love frequently bicker with their partners. A break-up is around the corner.