Poll: City voters favour party candidate

More eligible voters in Bangkok will vote for a candidate running under a political party than for an independent in the March 3 gubernatorial election, Suan Dusit Poll revealed on Sunday.

The poll was conducted between Jan 15-19 on 1,392 eligible voters in 50 Bangkok constituencies.

Asked who they will vote for between a candidate of a political party and an independent runner, 56.47% said they would vote for a party candidate, 40.08% for an independent, and 3.45% were uncertain.

On topics they want to hear about the most from candidates in their campaigns, 22.10% said they wanted policies on improving the quality of life and livelihoods, 21.40% traffic problems, 20.18% environmental problems, 18.37% safety for people and property and 17.95% educational development.

A slight majority or 52.17% of the respondents believed the competition for the Bangkok governor post would be fierce while 47.83% said the race would be normal under the election law.

A slight majority, 53.88%, believed the ongoing political conflict would continue after the gubernatorial election, 25% thought the conflict would escalate, and 21.12% were uncertain.

Asked whether they would be involved in vote buying in the election, 67.68% said "yes",  23.27% were not certain, while 9.05% said "no".

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