'Let's Fish! Hooked On' lands release date

The developer of the Dreamcast's "Sega Bass Fishing" is returning with "Let's Fish! Hooked On" for the PS Vita, available to download from January 29 in North America and a day later in European regions.

The cast of Let's Fish! Hooked On

Japanese digital anglers have had access to the game, which features a cast of four characters, each set on winning the World Tour, since March 2012.

SIMS Co, best-known for "Sega Bass Fishing," continued to churn out fishing titles over the years, including a Wii version of "Sega Bass Fishing" along with "Hooked! Real Motion Fishing" and "Reel Fishing: Angler's Dream."

In fact, the Wii became something of a go-to for fans of the fishing genre, thanks to the fishing rod flick of a Wii motion controller, with several games in the Rapala and Reel Fishing series released over the last few years; likewise, "Let's Fish!" integrates the PlayStation Vita's touch screen and rear touch pad for a hands-on feel.

"Let's Fish! Hooked On" features trailer: youtu.be/E-SzC-AkzMM

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