La Lanta Fine Art

245/14 Sukhumvit Soi 31 Tues-Sat, 10am-7pm Feb 2-March 7 Call 02-204-0583

La Lanta Fine Art presents the Thailand debut exhibition of Hong Kong photographer Wing Chan.

Wing Chan's abstract photomontages reflect his ability to create novel, dynamic compositions from the harsh geometries of urban landscape. His expressionism merges images of neglected architecture, commerce and waste with a modern aesthetic that frees the content from its original utility to reveal extraordinary beauty and emotion.

Nan Riverside Art Gallery

Muang District, Nan Wed-Mon, 9am-5pm Until Feb 5 Call 081-989-2912

Nan Riverside Art Gallery presents "Freedom Of Soul", a collection of paintings by Winai Prabribu, who paints landscapes and panoramic views. In his new collection, he explores his artistic side by searching for and expressing philosophical ideas.

Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre

Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan Until Feb 17 Call 02-287-0942

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre presents "Siam App Exhibition" (Siam Application/Appreciate/Apply). This exhibition promotes the value, beauty and knowledge of Thai art through the works of 50 new artists. Inspired by religion and local culture, the exhibition traces the development of Thai art and related techniques and procedures from ancient times, as well as the activities of these artists.

Eat Me Restaurant

Convent Road, Silom 3pm-1am Until Feb 5 Call 02-238-0931

Steven Simon's "Spiral" is based geometry in nature _ a study of structure, volume and space. Simon sees and thinks about shapes, textures and other spiralling structures and how they relate to the growth of plants.

His materials and method of mould-making capture the textured surfaces of flowers and vegetables that evoke spiral forms reminiscent of the DNA double helix and galaxies.

Serindia Gallery, OP Garden 4

Charoen Krung Soi 36 Tue-Sun, 11am-8pm Until Feb 28 Call 02-238-6410

Serindia Gallery presents "Giving Up Is Not An Option", the work of German artist Ole Ukena during his residency in Thailand last year. His conceptually-driven practice includes an eclectic mix of media ranging from sculpture, text, photography, drawing, collage and film.

The exhibition is a journey of his artistic process over the past year, focusing on inter-relating opposites. Humour is a strong binding element in Ukena's work.

Bricks, matches, rubber ducks, toy soldiers, feathers and barbed wire find their way into Ukena's work, creating a bewildering mixture of attraction and repulsion to the objects.