Sukhumbhand leads race at first curve

The Democrat Party candidate Sukhumbhand Paribatra has a slight lead at the first curve in the race for the governorship of Bangkok, Nida Poll reported on Wednesday.

The pollster at the National Institute of Development Administration (Nida) interviewed 1,500 eligible voters in all Bangkok’s 50 districts between Jan 17 and 19, seeking their opinions.

Asked who they would vote for if the election was held on that day, 20.60% of the respondents said MR Sukhumbhand, and 19.13% of them said Pol Gen Pongsapat Pongcharoen of Pheu Thai, Nida Poll said.

Only 4.93% said they would support former national police chief Pol Gen Sereepisut Temeeyaves, 1.13% pointed to Suharit Siamwala, 0.27% said Kosit Suvinitchit. These three are all independent candidates.

More importantly, as many as 52.80% of the polled voters said they had not yet made a decision, the pollster reported, while 1.13% said they would not vote.

Banjerd Singkaneti, dean of the Graduate School of Law at Nida, said the poll results reflected connectivity between the political bases of political parties and Bangkokians.

The poll results also showed that independent candidates were likely to stay the underdogs because they have no political base, he added.

The relatively high percentage of the voters who had not yet made a decision, 52.80%, showed that this voter group was still reluctant to settle on the new Bangkok governor, he said.

They might want to wait to see clearer policies from each candidate, he added.

However, if the independent candidates come up with good policies, they just might have a chance of winning at the poll, said Mr Banjerd.

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