Female monks cause a stir

Residents of tambon Bang Krathuek in Sam Phran district of Nakhon Pathom province want the National Office of Buddhism to investigate a group of women who don yellow robes and go out seeking alms every morning, just like Buddhist monks.

Buddhist nuns traditionally wear white robes.

Many locals were surprised by the sight but did not suspect anything wrong. Some were even unaware that they were females.

According to a report in Daily News, a local motorcycle taxi driver whose name was given as Somphol showed a video clip of three women aged 40-50 dressed in yellow robes like monks and carrying alms bowls.

Mr Sompol said he had never seen such a thing prior to December last year. They regularly walked down from Phutthamonthon Sai 5 Road to their lodging near Wat Don Wai. Normally, there were four of them, he added.

They did not stay in a temple, but in some type of building with high security, according to Mr Sompol.

A local food vendor said that she has been working in the area for a long time but until recently had not seen any female monks. She had asked local police to investigate the matter, but so far no progress semed to have been made.

The food vendor said that female monks are allowed in India and Sri Lanka, but she did not think they were permitted in Thailand. If they were, she would like her daughter enter the monkhood too.

She wants a responsible agency to check whether they are real monks or not.

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