Cops filmed 'extorting cashier'

Police were caught on video apparently extorting a woman cashier, demanding she post 50,000 baht bail for allegedly conspiring to sell counterfeit goods - a charge she says she vigorously denied.

The clip was uploaded to YouTube on Thursday by a user who went by the name Mild Pond, and was shared throughout the web.

The reputed victim posted on her Facebook page under the username Mild Love Jrt , saying that she worked as a cashier at a shopping mall in Bangkok. A copyright owner came to investigate the stall where she was working  and found that it was distributing counterfeit products.

Police then took her to the station for further investigation. 

When she arrived, an officer she identified as Pol Lt Col Choosak Chankwarng told her that she was under arrest for conspiring to sell counterfeit goods and must pay at least 50,000 baht bail to go home, she said.

The product distributor later arrived at the station and explained to the officers that the counterfeiting issue was already settled but the company was unable to collect all the fake goods from the different branches of the mall in such a short time.

The victim said the distributor and the mall management also insisted that she was not involved.

She said that after the discussion Pol Lt Col Choosak brought out a document for her to sign, but she refused and said that she would wait for the mall's supervisor and her lawyer to arrive. 

Pol Lt Col Choosak later threatened that if she did not give her fingerprints she would be put in jail, according to the post.

Mild Love Jrt ended her post saying the police eventually asked her to wait for her lawyer in a cell. Her lawyer then had to bail her out, because the police would not let her leave otherwise.

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Netizens on YouTube and Thai webboards denounced the police for "extorting" money from the cashier.

One commenter posted, "The shopping mall was wrong to be selling fake products, but the cashier was definitely not at fault. The police were trying to impose penalties on her. If this is not extortion then I don't know what is."

"I never want to be a police officer. My family is in the army and I won't degrade myself so others can insult me," another poster said.

"True love is like a good cop because you'll never find one," another netizen posted.

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