'Pee was packing', Bathroom Break-In, Flashing the flesh

Fracas turns fatal on Thong Lor

Incriminating evidence has emerged against an actor accused of the premeditated killing of a popular pub owner in Thong Lor.

REMORSEFUL: Poramet ‘Pee’ Singpor tells reporters he wishes he could turn back time.

Channel 3 actor Poramet "Pee" Singpor, 33, has been charged with the premeditated murder of Noppadon "A" Athibai, 44, his friend and shareholder in the Muse pub in Thong Lor.

The Daily News newspaper late last week published a still from what it says was CCTV footage taken at the crime scene. It shows a man identified as Pee clearly aiming a gun at his friend's head, as people flee for safety.

A was killed in the car park of the Foodland supermarket in the 8 Building, soi Thong Lor 8 on Sukhumvit Road 55 on Jan 17.

Police, who have obtained footage from CCTV and ATM cameras at the scene, say it shows the pair arguing.

Pee went to his car, pulled out a black rucksack, and pointed a 9mm gun at A. Startled, his friend attempted to run, but tripped. Pee followed him, pointed a gun to his head and shot him once.

Officers say he calmly returned to the vehicle and drove off.

Celebrities who were friendly with A _ known for his ready smile, and willingness to help those in need _ say the killing has left them in a state of shock. More than 500 people have turned up to pay their respects at his funeral rites.

The many garlands of flowers left by his coffin are said to include one from Pee's family.

One actress vented her feelings on Facebook: "You shot him in the eye and left him in a pool of blood for 30 minutes before the ambulance arrived ... how could you do it to a friend?" Natalie Davis asked.

"He pays just 200,000 baht to secure bail and gets to go home and sleep ... how could that be fair for a serious offence?" she wrote.

"The important thing is he must be brought to justice. Don't let this case die like so many others. Don't let money get in the way or a good person will have died for nothing," she implored her fans.

Pee reported to police on Monday to acknowledge a charge of premeditated murder.

Earlier, he told police the gun went off by accident. However, police say the CCTV footage and testimony from the four witnesses at the scene, including Pee's elder sister, prove otherwise.

Outside the police station, Pee said the courts alone, not society, will judge him.

"If I could choose, I would reverse time and be the one who died," he told reporters, as he offered them a lengthy wai.

A security guard at the car park, and a DJ at A's pub, claim they have heard the victim's spirit beckoning them.

Police, meanwhile, have promised a straightforward investigation.

Police Region 5 deputy, Pol Lt Gen Jakthip Chaijinda, asked Thong Lor police for an update on Monday.

Station head Pol Col Poompuang Chumpol said his team is putting together a strong case.

"He can't taint the evidence, so police have no reason to be concerned. He took the gun out of his bag ... whether he meant to kill or it simply went off, it still falls in the boundaries of intentional killing," he said.

Police say Pee, his girlfriend and A were taking a meal in Foodland on the day of the killing. Pee and his girlfriend started to argue, and A tried to break it up.

The trio left the table, and went out to the car park, where the argument resumed. A again tried to break it up, and Pee told him not to interfere. Officers says he took out the gun and shot him.

He left the car park, and an ambulance arrived at the scene and took the seriously injured A to hospital.

Hours later, Pee handed himself in to Thong Lor station with his 9mm gun.

Police charged him with attempting to kill, and possessing an unlicensed firearm. Pee put up 200,000 baht to secure bail.

A died of his injuries later that afternoon. Police decided to lay new charges of premeditated murder, but could not find Pee.

On Monday, Pee and his lawyer finally visited police to acknowledge the new charge.

He told reporters he was sorry for what had happened, and asked the spirit of his friend for forgiveness.

Director Pisarn "Piak" Akraseranee, who introduced Pee to the industry, said he was shocked to hear the news. Pee has acted in several Channel 3 lakorn that he directed.

"Normally he's a polite, respectful, cool-headed person.

"He's an only child. I introduced him to the industry after meeting his father at university.

"Everyone on set loved him. I was shocked to hear he was carrying a gun," he said.

Security's really gone down the drain

Actress Kemanij "Pancake" Jamikorn will think twice before depositing her valuables by her wash basin again, after a thief broke into her home and made off with 200,000 worth of goods left in her bathroom.

Kemanij ‘Pancake’ Jamikorn.

Pancake says the thief broke into her two-storey home in Min Buri, which she shares with her mother and younger sister, early on Tuesday evening.

The Channel 7 actress and her family had gone out for a meal, and didn't notice the theft until the following morning.

Before going out, Pancake had left her Rolex watch, a ring and a set of diamond earrings beside the wash basin in her bathroom. She admits she rarely locks the windows or doors of her place, as she trusts the security at the housing village in which she lives.

"Everyone knows each other around here. We have stayed here for six years without any trouble. The only people who come and go from my place are the cleaner and a guy who fixes things," she said.

Pancake's family live in a 12 million baht, three-house compound covering one rai. Pancake's father and brother live in the house next to hers, and her cleaner and drivers in the house beside that.

Pancake's mother said she discovered the theft when she woke up on Wednesday morning and visited the bathroom. She found the basin and toilet were covered in footprints, and promptly called police.

Officers from the Min Buri station inspected the house with reporters in tow. They also found the thief's footprints on the first-floor balcony, and suspect he climbed the wall to get in.

Police have taken away fingerprints left by the thief for examination, and are also checking CCTV cameras on the estate.

"I feel particularly bad about the loss of the watch, as I wear it every day," Pancake said. "We will have to be more careful about security.

"We suspect it was someone from outside the area, but I have no idea who," she said.

Sexy, but with precautions

Teen actress and model Pimchanok "Fern" Leuwisedpaiboon is apologising after a dress she wore for a beauty pageant rode up, revealing too much leg.

Fern (A Little Thing Called Love) was the stand-out presenter in the Miss Teen pageant last week, after a full-length dress split to the waist parted as she was mounting a small set of stairs, revealing what Fern says was too much flesh.

She apologised on Instagram, saying she would like to be a role model for Thai youth more than she wanted to show off her sexy legs.

"I talked to my mum after the incident occurred. She said I was like a representative for teens, an idol to young people who would like to be where I am now. I'm taking responsibility before society for what happened," she said.

"At first I was stressed, but people told me it happens naturally, and urged me to let it go. But mum said if I were to ignore it, it would always be with me. I felt bad when I saw the images, but I also worry about how my parents feel," she said.

"I took precautions, and rehearsed. My dress rode up my leg when I climbed the stairs. We forgot to rehearse that part."

Asked whether she was forsaking her image as an innocent youth for that of a sexy vixen, Fern said senior people in the industry made many decisions for her, such as what dress she should wear. "I just do my duty as best I can.

"People are still welcome to contact me to do sexy work. I will just have to be more careful," she said.

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