Could this be underwater love?

Those planning to tie the knot on Valentine's Day can literally take the plunge.

Applications for the annual ‘Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony 2013’ should be submitted by Jan 31.

Here's the chance to pledge the oath of eternal love in a tranquil underwater setting in the company of colourful fish and other forms of marine life, with a beautiful coral reef in the background.

The southern province of Trang is hosting its high-profile "Underwater Wedding Ceremony 2013" from Feb 13 to 15 under the concept "Sea of True Love: Let Love Lead You Far Away", with support from the provincial chamber of commerce and the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

The ceremony is based around a wedding culture native to Trang in which couples in love take vows and register their marriage underwater, something they're sure to cherish for the rest of their lives.

So far 32 couples have been accepted for the ceremony _ four are foreign couples, of which two are Malaysian, one is Thai-American couple, and one Thai-Australian couple. Last year's ceremony attracted 34 couples.

The ceremony, being held for the 17th time this year, is open to Thai as well as foreign couples. Applications should be filed by Jan 31.

For more information, contact the Trang Chamber of Commerce on 075-225-353, 02-863-3288 ext 491 and 422 (Bangkok office) or visit