Mum protests after child molested

An angry mother ran barefoot around the entrance lobby to the parliament building on Wednesday demanding justice after her 11-year-old daughter was molested by a young monk and police did nothing about it, according to a report.

The woman said she left her daughter with a senior monk, who is a cousin, at a temple in Muang district and went shopping on Sunday.

When she returned, she saw that a novice monk was sexually molesting her child in a bathroom stall. She immediately went to the police station to press charge against the man.

The police made only a brief inquiry, recorded the incident, and did nothing else. They did not even ask the  novice monk to come in for questioning, she complained.

The 11-year-old girl said she was using the bathroom when the novice suddenly busted in and began to sexually harass her.

The angry mother was constantly yelling and crying as she ran around the entrance area of the parliament building. Security staff finally chased her down and took her from the building, the report said.

Police have since accepted the molther's complaint for consideration and written a letter on her behalf to the chairman of the House committee on police affairs, MP Somchai Losthapornpipit.

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