Awards let riff

To celebrate its 11th anniversary, leading local music publication The Guitar Mag is holding the second Guitar Mag Awards at the Scala Theatre in Siam Square on Tuesday.

The event will run from 6pm to 10pm, during which 12 awards will be presented to distinguished artists and performers in recognition of the contributions they have made to the domestic music industry.

This is a rare chance to see, under the same roof, leading artists and performers from all record companies who are nominated. They include 25 Hours, Nat Sakdatorn, Lula, Palmy, New-Jew, Room 39, Pe Arak, Stamp Apiwat, Boyd Kosiyapong, Eh Jirakorn, AB Normal, ETC, The Richman Toy, Vajaravalee, Paradox, Big Ass, Joy Boy, and many more.

This year's highlights include a specially-made mini showcase and a spectacular feature of artists and performers from seven leading record companies. They are Kluay Thai Band and Superband from Banana Records, Abuse The Youth and Slot Machine from BEC Tero Music, The Richman Toy/ Jean Kasidit from Smallroom, Mild and Guess from Spicydisc, Singto Namchoke and Panggo from Believe Records, Pete Peera and Krit Panna from Mono Music, and Big Ass from Genie Records.

In addition to the performances on stage, there will be an exhibition of the guitars belonging to renowned artists such as Add Carabao, Sek Loso, Yod Bodyslam, Off Big Ass, and Ta Paradox. They will be signed and given to lucky guests at the end of the event.

Also, magazines, song books, and The Guitar Mag T-shirts will be available for sale with special discounts.