Rest easy

Falling victim to sickness is a real bore. But getting stuck at home because you are too ill to go outside is even more tedious.

Though rest is certainly the most crucial part of the recovery process, sometimes resting too much can make it worse.

The Huffington Post offers some interesting activities you can entertain yourself with when stuck at home - whether because of a serious disease or a common seasonal flu.

Presented in a slide show, the article features activities that are not only enjoyable but also healthy. Playing board games, preparing yourself a cup of home-made hot chocolate and enjoying your time alone are among the suggested activities.

Of course, the time you get sick is perhaps the most unwanted time of the year, but at least these activities can help you pass the day more delightfully and at the same time allow yourself an opportunity to quickly repair yourself and recover.


Airing differences

Be sure to check out this article if you are a frequent flyer.

An article called "Comparing airlines' Airbus 380s" by the Los Angeles Times provides a photo-based comparison of A380s - the world's largest commercial jet.

Five years after its debut, nine airlines have A380s. These airlines are Malaysia Airlines, Korean Air, Lufthansa, Air France, Emirates, Qantas Airways, China Southern, Singapore Airlines and, of course, our Thai Airways.

Even though they all use A380s, they are equipped differently - some better than others.

The article compares airlines' economy-, business- and first-class with detailed information such as how big the personal screens are in economy class and so forth.


Losing it the right way

If one of your New Year resolutions is to lose weight, here is an incredibly inspiring example of dedication and motivation. Angel Pittman is a 28-year-old stay-at-home mother and an entrepreneur who has lost 29kg in one year. She weighed 99kg in 2011 and now weighs 70kg, just by living healthily.

The idea to lose weight, not to just think about losing weight, came soon after her 27th birthday when she looked at her pictures and saw how big she had become. She thought, "another year wasted". The final straw was when she went to buy new pants because her clothes were getting too tight, she realised she was trying on size 24.

She started by announcing her determination on Facebook because she felt that if she had said it out loud, she would have to do it or end up humiliating herself publicly. She also turned to Weight Watchers for help and gradually got to where she is today - an inspiration for many who want to be healthier. Her blog titled Enjoy Your Body was started because she wanted to chronicle her weight loss journey. Although it is not updated frequently, it is a good source of information and inspiration. She has a Food Picture Diary to show her meals. She has also uploaded a video to describe her journey on YouTube (search "My Weight Loss Journey: Year One").

Pittman's blog is at:

Pittman's video:

DIY Valentine's Day gifts

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and unless you want to give a last minute mass-produced gift, get cracking now. Rebecca D Dillon, author of Soap Deli News Blog, has a lot of ideas on her website, from heart- shaped homemade solid sugar scrubs and DIY candles to hand-made books, with pictures clearly demonstrating the process step by step.


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