E-Bracelets won't reduce crime

Regarding the article in the Bangkok Post on Friday, ''E-bracelets to keep tabs on teenage cons'', which explains that Corrections Department authorities plan to use electronic bracelets to keep tabs on juvenile delinquents, I don't think this is such a good idea. It seems strangely similar to placing microchips on animals to monitor their movements. What we need are ways to prevent crimes before they happen. For example, we have CCTV cameras all over the nation, but only a fraction of them are monitored around the clock. Therefore, most of them can only help in the arrest of suspects after a crime has been committed. Unless the juveniles who have these E-bracelets are monitored all the time, it will be a waste of money.

RH Suga


I was amazed to see that the infamous fugitive Kanman Poh had been apprehended in a very clever sting operation.

Apparently he had been living a secret life in the Chon Buri area for several years. He has two high profile sons, one of them the mayor of Pattaya, Ittipol Khunploem.

It beggars belief that the two sons did not know of their father's whereabouts while he was being sought by police.

Mr Ittipol should do the honourable thing and resign immediately.



The duty of a policeman is to enforce the law - not to judge whether a person is guilty. Thus, Pol Maj Gen Supisarn Phakdinaruenart, chief of the Crime Suppression Division, is totally out of bounds when he says he might decline to take action against Kamnan Poh's relatives or children for sheltering him because sheltering a relative is considered to be an act of gratitude in the Thai context.

Kamnan Poh has been convicted of first-degree murder and corruption, and the verdicts are final.

All suspected of aiding and abetting a murderer must be thoroughly and transparently investigated without fear or favour, and if there is reason to suspect guilt, arrested and charged. It is for the courts - not the police - to decide whether kinship should be an ameliorating factor in cases of guilt.

Pol Maj Gen Supisarn should heed the words of His Majesty the King, who wisely said, ''If the country does not follow the rule of law, it will not survive.''

Burin Kantabutra


Every morning, around 3am until 6am, myself and my neighbours call Pattaya City Hall about an all-night karaoke bar in Jomtien, but after a year of repeated phone calls, nothing has been done.

In fact, the people handling the complaint calls have been quite rude.

Our landlord has people moving out, but says he is afraid for the safety of his family if he complains..

Now, in our neighborhood I see several large condo developments taking off. The customers purchasing units have no idea that their property is right next to a karaoke bar that will keep them up all night and there is apparently nothing anyone can do about it. I'd like to warn anyone considering buying property in Jomtien to check out the situation very carefully beforehand, otherwise they may be making a very big mistake.

Sleepless in Jomtien


Hillary Clinton on her last day in office on Friday was quoted as saying that the world is a safer place today, (no doubt as as a result of the Obama administration), but at the same time we read of a bomb that ripped apart the American Embassy in Turkey. I wonder whose world the former secretary of state was referring to. The world does not appear to be any safer this week than it was last year or four years ago. In Mali, Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan and any number of other places there are people intent on slaughtering their own countrymen and others. I wonder if the citizens of these countries would agree that the world is a safer place.

Jack Gilead


Loud modified exhaust systems on street bikes, cars or trucks are rude, obnoxious and illegal. They are intended for track use only.

They do very little to improve real world performance.

You may think your bike is faster, but it's just noise. The dealers will tell you anything to make a sale, but don't be fooled.

I wish all police in Thailand would follow Pattaya police superintendent Nanthawut Suwanla-Ong's example and crack down on this problem.

DC Alaska
Udon Thani

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