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Cleaned up, not cleaned out

The saga over the reported theft at actress Kemanij "Pancake" Jamikorn's home has ended on a strange note with her mother claiming she simply misplaced the items and that no robbery occurred.

Kemanij ‘Pancake’ Jamikorn and her mother.

The Channel 7 actress and her mother, Nuannong "Noi" Jamikorn, went before the media accompanied by some of the city's top police chiefs on Friday to apologise for the misunderstanding.

Mrs Jamikorn said she had now found the Rolex watch, ring and set of diamond earrings that Pancake had earlier reported stolen to Min Buri police.

She had collected them from the washbasin herself and put them elsewhere. She realised her mistake when she found the items again.

The actress had told police she deposited her valuables by her wash basin in the early evening of Jan 22.

She woke the next day to find them missing, and a set of footprints trailing into the bathroom from her home's second-floor balcony.

Pancake shares the two-storey home in Min Buri with her mother and younger sister. Pancake's father and brother live in the house next to hers, and her cleaner and drivers in the house beside that. The 12 million baht, three-house compound covers one rai.

Pancake and her mother offered the apology at the Metropolitan Police Bureau. They were accompanied by bureau chief Kamronwit Thoopkrachang, Division 5 deputy commander Kajornsak Pansakorn, and the Min Buri police chief.

"I have to say sorry for causing people bother," Mrs Jamikorn said.

"As far as the footprints are concerned, I would rather not go into details. As soon as I found the items again, I raced to the police to alert them," she said.

"After this I will make sure we install CCTV cameras at home to protect ourselves," she said.

Pol Maj Gen Kamronwit said police didn't sleep on the case, but could take the matter no further as the complainant had told them the goods had now been found.

Mrs Jamikorn would have to give a statement to Min Buri police before the matter could be properly closed.

Earlier, Mrs Jamikorn said she had forgiven whoever stole the items, as she and Pancake had now made merit for the thief.

Police, meanwhile, said the thief must have been someone extremely close to the family who was able to enter the home almost at will.

Few netizens appear to believe Mrs Jamikorn's explanation that she put the items somewhere else and simply forgot.

"She is protecting someone close to the family," one said.

"Pancake acts as a presenter for Fujiko security cameras. She must realise how bad the theft looks for them, so has decided to take the loss on the chin," another offered.

Mediation offer to end family feud

Sahamongkol Films head Sia Jiang has offered to step in and heal the rift between action star Tony Jaa and his estranged family.

Tony Jaa (Tatchakorn Yeerum, Jaa Panom) is busy making Tom Yung Kung 2, and has not disappeared as his worried father claims, Sia Jiang, who is producing the movie, said last week.

"Jaa is busy with work, and stressed. However, he tackles action scenes with all his senses intact, and retreats to pray when he feels the need," Sia Jiang said.

"He still draws down money from the company to send to his parents in Surin every month," he added.

Jaa's father took his wife and other members of his family before the media last week to implore his son to make contact.

Thongdee Panom said he had lost contact with his son since travelling to see Jaa's infant daughter in the New Year.

"Jaa's wife [Piyarat 'Boong-gi' Chotiwattananont] raced out of the house and started hurling abuse. She told us to go back the way we came. She barred our entry, and appeared to want to do harm to my youngest daughter, Waew."

"I tried to block her path, while Boong-gi's mother and Jaa just stood there and did nothing," he said.

Mr Thongdee admitted Boong-gi had a problem with Waew, but did not understand why she should get so angry.

"I want to ask Jaa why he could let his wife behave so poorly towards us. She should show a little respect, even if she is upset," Mr Thongdee said.

The martial arts star's father insisted Jaa no longer sends money home to the family, but denied he was worried about that.

"I have three other children who can help provide for us. I want to talk to him as his father. I miss him, and cry for him.

"Before, he was a grateful son, but over the past three years, particularly since the wedding, he has lost his senses, and behaves as if he doesn't know his own parents," he said.

Waew, who also spoke to the media, said she wanted to talk to Jaa to clear the air, but his wife would not let her make contact.

She suspected her problems with Boong-gi stemmed from Jaa's wedding, which she did not attend.

"I was heavily pregnant, so sent my husband Joe instead."

The pair fell out, and Boong-gi allegedly hit Joe over the head with a mobile phone.

Sia Jiang said Jaa's father should stop worrying.

"Jaa is in his thirties ... he is no longer a kid of 18, as his father seems to think. I'll set up a meeting, and sort out this matter once and for all."

The little green-eyed monster

Actress Keerati "Gypsy" Mahapleukpong has put her relationship with her jealous boyfriend on ice, after he embroiled her in an internet spat with a popular actor.

Pakin ‘Tono’ Kumvilaisak, with Kawin ‘Punjan’ Imanotai and Keerati ‘Gypsy’ Mahapleukpong inset.

Gypsy said last week she has now demoted her relationship with singer Kawin "Punjan" Imanotai to that of a mere friend after he sent a hostile Twitter message to actor Pakin "Tono" Kumvilaisak.

Tono had sent Gypsy a tweet asking her to help promote a television show in which he appears.

Punjan, who admits he is the jealous type, found the message on Gypsy's phone and replied: "Don't send any more greetings. Gypsy doesn't like it."

The tweet provoked a storm of criticism from Tono's fans. They assumed the message came from Gypsy, as her boyfriend had sent it on her phone.

Punjan, who went before the media last week to apologise to Tono, said he sent the message without thinking.

"I get jealous easily, and just lose it.

"I wanted to call Tono to say sorry, but no one would give me his number, as they know what I'm like. They worry I'll blow up again," he said.

"There must be some trick I can use to help me develop some patience.

"I'm not brave enough to say it won't happen again, but I know there must be a better way," he said.

Speaking later, Gyspy said she had discussed the matter with Punjan, who had agreed they should downgrade their relationship and just be friends.

"I have to work with other men in the industry. I can't afford to let this happen again," she said.

A status update that was not liked

Superstar Mario Maurer has downgraded the status of his actress girlfriend Sumontip "Koop Kip" Leuangthai to friendship, while she insists they are still an item.

"We still chat, but are now more like friends, as we rarely have time for each other any more," he said.

"We have drifted apart because we're both busy with work, and would like to focus on our careers. It's not because she's seeing anyone else.

"We have known each other for nine years, and I know she would not do something like that," he said.

Told by reporters that Mario now regarded her as a mere friend, Koop Kip looked surprised, and said she had not discussed the matter with him.

"People who have known each other as long as we have can go through phases when they simply want time to themselves," she said.

"We still love each other, no matter what status we occupy," she said.

Koop Kip denied reports she was keen on Archawin "Kamo" Yubamrung, a media darling and nephew of Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung.

"Kamo is just 16. I'm fond of him like a younger brother. If Mario is upset about that, I think he has misunderstood," she said.

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