Friends in need

Nonnee is a three-month-old male kitten. He was attacked by a dog in the Chatuchak area and hospitalised for a few weeks but is now very healthy. He is very active, attached to people and has been vaccinated.

Miko is a three-month-old male puppy. He is very shy and will be a small dog. He has been vaccinated.

This mother cat was ordered to be dumped after she gave birth to five beautiful kittens. She is obviously distraught and hides in a corner much of the day, but has never abandoned her kittens.

Sua Noi is a four-month-old female kitten who was just spayed and vaccinated. She is very friendly and her coat pattern is similar to that of a tiger.

Corney is a young mother cat whose kittens got sick and died. She survived and needs a loving home. She is a very gentle and affectionate cat.

Annie was dumped at a shelter. She is about four years old. She is a very quiet small dog and has been spayed and vaccinated.

Chin Jung, Choco, Petch and Ploy are from the same litter. They were born in a shelter and will grow to be small-sized dogs. They are about two months old. They are very playful and have been vaccinated.

Lab Boy is a four-month-old male puppy who was dumped in the Rama IX area. He is now at the guard house and walks with the security guard when he is on duty. He looks like a Labrador and would make a good companion.

Contact details: Anyone interested in adopting one or more of these animals can contact Tharinee Wipuchanin, founder of Pic-A-Pet4Home, on 08-1451-2233 or 08-1551-2628 or at