Poll: Policies a major factor for vote

A majority of eligible voters say policies outlined by individual Bangkok governor candidates are a major factor that can lead them to change their mind about who to vote for in the March 3 gubernatorial election, according to Suan Dusit Poll.

The poll was conducted on 1,250 eligible voters in all 50 districts of Bangkok between Jan 28 and Feb 2.

Asked what can make them change their mind about a candidate they originally intended to vote for to another, the majority or 61.04% pointed to policies which can be actually implemented, 17.6% to acceptability of the candidate, 12.35% to their personalities and credibility and 5.24% to their background record. 

A majority, or 59.54%, of the respondents saw no differences in the campaign trend between the last and coming elections because the race is still between two major political parties, while 40.46% were of the opinion that most of the candidates are capable persons from various walks of life who are campaigning more on the social media.

On news coverage of the Bangkok governor election by television and radio stations and newspapers, 38.36% of the respondents said they were not impartial, biased against or favouring certain candidates, 31.48% said they tended to exaggerate the news to pit candidates against one another, and 30.16% said most of the news is one-sided.

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