36 teenage street racers arrested

Thirty-six teenage motorcycle street racers were arrested in Nakhon Pathom's Buddhamonthon district on Saturday night, police said on Sunday.

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Pol Lt Col Thongchai Natesakhawat, deputy chief superintendent of Buddhamonthon police station, said more than 60 police officers and volunteers were deployed to Aksa Road to take action against the illegal street racers.

He said there were about 100 teenagers and 80 motorcycles counted during the crackdown.

When police arrived, the street racers disbanded while two of them tried to run into several officers, who were unharmed. The two were 21 and 17 years old.

Thirty-six young people, including the pair who tried to run their motorbikes into the officers, were arrested and 36 motorcycles and a machete were confiscated in the crackdown.

Pol Lt Col Thongchai said the street racing gang regularly gathered every Friday and Saturday. The street racers were not afraid of breaking the law because their number was usually greater than that of police officers.

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