PC download charts: "Skyrim: Dragonborn", "Omerta"

Skyrim's latest expansion, "Dragonborn", scales the Steam Network chart in its first week on PC, and upcoming release "Aliens: Colonial Marines" receives positive attention on GameStop Impulse ahead of its February 12 debut.

Adventuring in Skyrim once more in the "Dragonborn" expansion

Also on Steam, 2012 action game "Hitman: Absolution" is given a boost thanks to a sizable discount, and in the same way fellow Square Enix title "Sleeping Dogs" finds itself in fifth.

On Gamersgate, and in the wake of cinematic release "Gangster Squad," new release "Omerta: City of Gangsters" takes players to Atlantic City, fresh off the boat and plunged into a criminal underworld.

Developer Haemimont Games handled the two most recent and exquisitely detailed "Tropico" games but here turns its attention to 1920s gangster life; players can build their own families as part of the online component.

Steam* (steampowered.com)

*Steam chart based on revenue, not units.
1. Skyrim: Dragonborn (+1)
2. Hitman: Absolution (re-entry)
3. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (-2)
4. Antichamber (new)
5. Sleeping Dogs (re-entry)

GameStop Impulse US (impulsedriven.com)

1. Guild Wars 2 (+6)
2. Dead Space 3 Limited Edition (+2)
3. Aliens: Colonial Marines (+3)
4. Skyrim (re-entry)
5. Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition (re-entry)

GamersGate US (gamersgate.com)

1. Death Rally (re-entry)
2. Darksiders II (re-entry)
3. Omerta: City of Gangsters (new)
4. Darksiders II Season Pass DLC (re-entry)
5. Company of Heroes Complete (re-entry)

GOG (gog.com)

1. Neverwinter Nights 2: Complete (=)
2. Jagged Alliance 2 (re-entry)
3. Sacred: Gold (re-entry)
4. Disciples 2: Gold (re-entry)
5. Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri (re-entry)

Desura's Most Popular (desura.com)

1. Amnesia: The Dark Descent (=)
2. Mount & Blade: Warband (=)
3. ERIE - free game (=)
4. Vox (re-entry)
5. Evil - free game (new)

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