Pay press to research stories, forum told

The Thai Health Promotion Foundation should give reporters a grant to research specialised subject matters, Prawes Wasi, chairman of the Committee on National Reform Assembly said yesterday.

He said the grant would enable the reporters to have a better understanding of the issues they regularly write about.

Dr Prawes said reporters should be experts in both communication and the subjects their respective beats cover.

The foundation's Thai Health Fund receives money from a "sin tax", collected from alcohol and tobacco.

It is aimed at promoting general health, including enhancing intellectual capacity by acquiring knowledge through research.

Dr Prawes said social reform needs to be driven by allowing people greater access to quality information from expert reporters.

Dr Prawes made his remarks at a seminar titled "Mass Media and Thailand's Reform" organised by the Isra Institute and the Thai Press Development Foundation in Bangkok yesterday.

He said developing the quality of media people is important for national reform. It would help ensure fairness in society.

However, he conceded this was hard to achieve because some media bosses do not see educating their reporters as a priority.

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Writer: Nattaya Chetchotiros
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