Sixth grader gang-raped by students

A sixth grader was gang raped by students from her school in Samut Prakan province last week and the assault was recorded by one of the boys with his smart phone camera, police said on Wednesday.

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Parents of the 12-year-old girl, whose name was withheld, reported the vicious assault to police in tambon Samrong Nua.

According to the parents, their daughter looked depressed when she returned home on Friday night and she later confided to them that she was raped by five students who also attend her school.

The girl later told police that she and three female friends were persuaded by one of the five teenage boys to skip classes. They all went to a house in tambon Samrong Nua. There were about 10 students in the house, she said.

The victim said one of the boys suddenly pulled her into a room and four of his friends followed, and she was raped by all five boys. One of the boys also recorded the sexual  assault with his smart phone, she said.

Her three friends were not assaulted, she said.

Police sent the girl for a physical examination, which found evidence of her being abused.

Police said they will summon the other three girls for questioning before issuing summonses for the five boys.

In Samut Prakan's Bang Phli district on Wednesday, a taxi driver was accused by two women factory workers of sexually molesting their young daughters.

Police arrested Phetnamnung "Chang" To-eiam, 40, at his home in Bang Phli. He was charged with statutory rape.

One of the woman, 20, told police that she and her husband had to go  to work so they hired Chang and his wife, who had a babysitting service and lived nearby, to look after their one-year-old daughter. They paid Phetnamnung and his wife 1,500 baht a month.

After three months of using the neighbour's service, the mother said she noticed there were often bruises on her daughter's body and thennoticed that the girl's vagina was lacerated.

The mother said she took her young daughter to a doctor who confirmed that the one-year-old was sexually abused.

The second mother, 37, who works in the same factory, told police that her daughter suffered the same fate.

She said other parents living in their area had told her their daughters were also sexually molested by Chang but they did not want to take legal action. The taxi driver and his wife then paid them 6,000 baht as compensation.

Police said Chang denied all charges but would likely be prosecuted because investigators had medical evidence from doctors.

In Lop Buri province, police raided a house where a group of students, aged between 13 and 15, were found drinking and smoking during school time.

Police said they received reports from local residents that they regularly saw teenagers in student uniform partying in the house in Lop Buri's Muang district.

A police team raided the house and found eight students, both boys and girls, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes and shisha, a Mideast tobacco mix usually smoked through a hookah.

The students, from a well-known school, admitted to police that they often partied at one of their houses.

The teenagers' names were recorded and their teachers were called to pick up their pupils.

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