Bid to boost gem buyers' confidence

Gem and jewellery organisations have launched a Buy With Confidence (BWC) campaign, certifying jewellery shops selling quality products at fair prices, to raise buyers' confidence.

The Gem and Jewellery Business Development Committee of Thailand and The Gem and Jewellery Institute of Thailand (GIT) have also linked with the Jewel Fest Club to implement the project.

They will try to raise awareness of BWC projects among potential customers, particularly foreign tourists.

Stores that are under the BWC umbrella will have verification stamp on their product. Currently, there are 563 participants and it is expected this will rise by 20% in 2013.

GIT director Wilawan Atichiat said gems and jewellery is one of the top 10 most important export sectors  for Thailand, generating around 30 billion baht in revenue annually. 

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