Top iPhone apps: PhotoStation, Foot Nut

Over the past week the photo editing app PhotoStation has proved popular with iPhone users in the UK and Italy, while in France iPhone users have been helping Ed the Squirrel win his love in Foot Nut

01. USA
What's The Word? (games)
This fun word association game gives users four pictures that are linked by a certain word, the letters of which are marked out by blank underscores. Players must guess the letters of the associated word.

02. UK
PhotoStation (photo and video)
This re-designed version of the popular photo editing app PhotoStation boasts improved color and gradient editing facilities.

03. France
Foot Nut (games)
Help Ed the squirrel win the football-style Foot Nut championships so that he will be able to marry the woman of his dreams, Princess Pearl.

04. Canada
Icarus-X (games)
Icarus-X, Wednesday's free app of the day, is a 3D vertical shoot ‘em up based in space. The game features downloadable replays so you can watch your kills over and over again.

05. Japan
モンスターハンター マッシヴハンティング (games)
Translated loosely into English as 'Massive Monster Hunting,' this game allows players to play as warriors of varying abilities and pitches them against giant prehistoric-style monsters.

06. Australia
Temple Run 2 (games)
This sequel to the adventure game Temple Run once again sees our hero swinging on vines, running through jungle and across perilous mountains in an attempt to escape with a precious artifact.

07. Germany
Pimp Your Sound (entertainment)
Pimp Your Sound is a fun application that offers users a wide range of custom tones for everything from your phone alarm clock to your messages.

08. China
美颜相机 (photo and video)
Translated loosely into English as 'Beauty Camera,' this application allows users to finetune the effects of their photograph, improving skin tone and removing any blemishes.  

09. Italy
PhotoStation (photo and video)
See "PhotoStation"

10. Korea
모두의 게임 for Kakao (games)
Translated as 'All of the gamed for Kakao,'  this application contains a bundle of games all featuring popular cartoon characters from the Kakao mobile messenger service.

*The countries listed are those markets in which the most iOS devices have been sold worldwide. The list of top ten countries is based on Admob's April 2010 estimate of the worldwide iOS User Distribution. 

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