SMEs sought for Adobe cloud

Adobe Systems Inc officially launched its Adobe Creative Cloud service to Thailand's small and medium-sized enterprises on Thursday.

Vicky Skipp, Adobe’s Southeast Asia head, gave a briefing on Thursday to introduce Adobe Creative Cloud in Bangkok.

The membership-based service provides users with unlimited access to Adobe desktop applications such as Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Muse and Adobe Edge as well as game developer tools and integration with Photoshop Touch apps.

Users can also upgrade these apps with the latest features as soon as they are released.

Since its debut in the US market in April 2012, Adobe Creative Cloud has drawn more than 1 million members.

It also provides easy management of virtual workgroups, 100 gigabytes of cloud storage per user, expert support services, centralised administration, centralised billing and efficient licence management.

The team version is a recommended solution for SMEs, whose biggest concern is budget in the current economic situation.

Adobe Creative Cloud for teams is available at about US$840 per user for a one-year plan.

Customers who have bought Old Creative Suite software through a volume licensing programme may be eligible to buy at a special price of $600

Vicky Skipp, Adobe's Southeast Asia head, said the service also gives creative people active and free access to technology wherever they are with no need to stop their jobs to install software.

According to a new study by cloud hosting firm Parallels, cloud services for SMEs are a $45-billion industry.

However, another recent survey conducted by KPMG and Forbes Insights found the major issues for cloud computing are higher-than-expected implementation costs and challenges in integrating cloud applications.

Paul Burnett, an Adobe evangelist for developer solutions and platforms, said Creative Cloud allows people to work exactly the same way because the apps run on their desktop. There are no dramatic changes or interruptions to their working ways.

A training video is available for members.

"The greatest change and also most significant benefit we bring to our customers is probably the sudden access to all the tools they haven't had access to before," said Mr Burnett.

"The other thing is they don't have to wait for two years to get a feature that is needed today."

The service marks the transformation of Adobe's long-term strategy.

"Customers can still buy a perpetual licence for a single product today, but in future we are moving them to cloud," said Ms Skipp.

Software companies should follow the cloud trend to let users have access to their technology whenever they want and wherever they are, she said.

Individual and enterprise versions of Creative Cloud will be launched next year.

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