Transgender mamasan arrested

A transgender man was arrested on charges of pimping for other prostitutes, including underage girls, in Bangkok on Friday.

Police named the suspect as Nattapol Netnoi, 23. He was arrested in his condominium unit in Bangkok by an undercover officer posing as a client.

In the room, police found four transgender prostitutes, aged 16 to 23.

Mr Nattapol admitted to police that he procured clients by posting text messages on various websites.

The "mamasan" said he had several underage girls, starting from 12 years old, as well as transgender prostitutes. They would get 1,500 to 2,000 baht each time for their services and he would take a cut of 500 baht on each service.

The suspect said he or his 19-year-old accomplice would take the prostitutes to their clients. If the clients refused to take the service, he would hurt them.

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