TV hungry for new content

Talent and reality shows continue to be popular among Thai viewers, and many TV stations plan to seek new talent for future digital TV channels.

The upcoming digital TV switch will drive content demand, especially local content, as it is more popular than foreign shows.

Soap operas still rule the roost in terms of audiences and ad fees, averaging 500,000 baht per minute for prime-time slots on Channels 3 and 7.

Surin Krittayaphongphun, an executive vice-president of Channel 3, which is operated by BEC World Plc, said the channel's policy is to strengthen its content on the weekends from 5.45-7.15 pm, a prime slot for families.

Once Junior MasterChef ends, the channel will replace it with The Voice Kids and a new imported talent show from England that he did not name.

"This show will fulfil the channel's potential with the participation of actors and actresses. But the programme will be adjusted to suit local audiences," said Mr Surin.

A source from the channel said one new show will be Any Dream Will Do, a talent show copyrighted by the BBC. The original show searches for fresh faces to star in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Channel 3 is gradually changing its format to feature soap series, with new faces to draw the audience's attention.

This year it will produce two sub-series: Suparbburoot Chutathep and Sarm Taharn Sua Sao.

"At the moment, we're selecting talent to serve our digital TV channels with drama series and news. This is in line with our policy of finding new faces," said Mr Surin.

To find news talent, Channel 3 sent staff to work with its news agency partners in Asia such as Laos Star, Channel 5 in Cambodia, TV Asahi in Japan and CCTV in China.

The collaboration will strengthen its news content once the Asean Economic Community is established in 2016, said Mr Surin.

Meanwhile, the media business urgently needs creators and producers of TV programmes.

Chalakorn Panyashom, the creative director at Workpoint Entertainment Plc, said the company will open a school for sharpening creativity next month, offering both short and long-term courses.

Media competition is high among various platforms including 48 digital TV channels, as well as satellite TV, cable TV and the internet, he said, adding that as a result, more skilled staff are needed.

Workpoint sold the Fan Pan Tae talent game show to a broadcaster in Sweden and the US network NBC.

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Writer: Saengwit Kewaleewongsatorn