Strict instructions for structural success

The unseen structure of buildings is vital to their strength, so building material supplier Tra Chang has produced a handbook which will prove useful for anyone planning to build a new house or wishing to extend their existing home.

Titled Know How Structure Works To Stay Free From Leaks, Tilting And Sinking, the book contains relevant knowledge and tips to make sure readers' houses have quality structures. Topics include three steps to inspect structural works: design, construction and completion, help for homeowners in handover inspection, and problem-free home extension.

According to Tra Chang, the structure of each building comprises the foundation, pillars, cross-beams, roof structure, and water/electricity piping systems. If structural integrity is not ensured when construction begins, a number of problems can follow after moving in. Problems with structural components are usually difficult or even impossible to solve and, in worse cases, the entire structure may need to be torn down and rebuilt. A total of 20,000 copies of the handbook have been published and will be distributed for free at the SCG Customer Service Centre and leading retailers in the dealership network of SCG Building Materials.

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