Follow your star

Dear Capricorn, your important plans may get interrupted. Don't always do what people tell you to or else you will lose self-confidence. Singles have a better chance at forming a relationship with people of the same or older age.

Dear Aquarius, it's time to reflect on your work situation. Change your way of doing things. Find new tools or strategies to become more productive. Aquarians in love and their partners enjoy a blissful phase.

Dear Pisces, issues that prevent you from doing your best finally go away. Business talks conclude with results you're happy with. Singles meet younger admirers. Pregnancy is on the cards for Pisceans in love.

Dear Aries, don't get distracted easily or you may make a mistake at work. Artsy people may get to create their masterpiece. Couples may conceive a baby. Singles continue to look for love as they haven't met anyone they're crazy about.

Dear Taurus, new power given to you is a double-edged sword so wield it carefully and with grace. Office bigwigs make it clear you're their golden boy/girl. Singles choose to devote most of their energy and time on work.

Dear Gemini, business talks don't go smoothly. You will be presented with many job offers. Listen to yourself before making a final decision. Those in love get along with their partners better.

Dear Cancer, be extra careful at work as some foes are waiting for an opportunity to discredit you. Brace yourself for unkind words from a powerful lady. Singles may finally meet someone they're really into.

Dear Leo, a new business partner or assistant turns out to be a great help, making your office life much easier. Co-investing with siblings may yield nice returns. Singles may meet someone with all the qualities they are looking for.

Dear Virgo, you have the upper hand in a competition. You get kudos or rewards for some good work. Think before buying anything. Those in love are encouraged by friends and families to plan a wedding.

Dear Libra, although work may progress slowly, you will hit all targets you set for yourself. Postpone putting new ideas into action for now. Groom yourself, dress nicely and go out because your Mr/Ms Right is out there waiting.

Dear Scorpio, you work very hard yet challenges don't get you down because you know how to use them to motivate yourself. Plans you make with your lover may get interrupted.

Dear Sagittarius, your business partner may withdraw, causing a rift. A brainstorming session may turn into a shouting match. If you recently got into a relationship, you may meet someone new who makes you wish you could turn back time.