Blissfully quick beauty boost

Siam Center's modern makeover comes with a boutique shop where you can get a quick fix for your skin based on spa therapy.

Bliss boutique on the 2nd floor, Siam Center. For more information, call 02-658-1157.

The so-called Quick Bliss is a service offered by American brand Bliss, which debuted in Thailand last year retailing skincare products at Siam Paragon and Central department stores.

The Siam Center boutique serves as a retail store with a mini spa treatment room ready to offer fast facial treatments from March 1.

The upscale skincare brand was born in the Bliss Spa, in New York City. The spa concept promotes a fun and lively environment with colourful design and upbeat music instead of a tranquil ambience to induce relaxation.

The energising approach coupled with the delivery of spa treatments aim for results while making clients happier, as the brand's philosophy believes that happiness is the highest state of well-being.

"Treatments at a Bliss Spa, say in The Big Apple, can take two to three hours, whereas a Quick Bliss facial at Siam Center requires only half-an-hour to one hour yet they still give instant results," said Thailand brand manager Siriporn Rattanaamornsak.

The four express facials (1,900 baht to 3,200 baht) are the skin-brightening Triple Oxygen, anti-ageing The Youth As We Know It, complexion-perfecting The Fast And The Fabulous, and anti-shine No Zit Sherlock, with the names of the treatments coming from skincare best-sellers.

The skin-brightening quick fix involves masking the skin with the award-winning Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask, which is claimed to contain a trio of oxygen ingredients. The frothy mask is left on the skin for around five minutes before being rinsed off to reveal fresher-looking skin.

A longer masking time, 15 minutes, is required for the Fabulous Skin-Reviving Rubberizing Mask to work on the skin, which is one step of The Fast And The Fabulous facial.

"Masking the skin provides an instant beauty booster. As important is skin exfoliation and peeling to rid of impurities and dead skin cells before we can give the skin fast and effective treatments," Siriporn said.

Since its launch in 1996, the Bliss skincare portfolio expanded with head-to-toe beauty products and gadgets while the brand has kept its youthful-looking image with the bubbly Bliss Girl as its animated icon.

However, Bliss does not cater only to the the hoards of teens roaming Siam Center, and women and men of any age can check out the Quick Bliss facials and test the skincare products for use at home.

"After having spa facials, you can immediately see how it can improve the skin condition. Bliss skincare products are developed to re-create spa treatments at home to sustain the results of spa facials," Siriporn said. "This also applies to those who have had cosmetic procedures. They also need to continue to use skincare products at home in order to maintain the results." She notes that the skincare ritual should extend to the whole body, not only focus on the face.

"Women may overlook the skin on the neck as well as hands and feet, and we want to help them care for the skin of these parts of the body in a fun way, such as wearing the glamour glove and softening socks to hydrate the skin besides using hand and foot cream."

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