View from the Top

Khaoyai National Park is the largest national park in Thailand covering 2,168 sq kilometres and spanning four provinces and eleven districts. From the park, visitors have different views of the mountain range with key characteristics being the overall height and the colour of the parks itself. Now you can enjoy this idyllic paradise whenever you feel the need to escape the city, with a home in one of the most desirable property developments in the vicinity.

Situated on a rolling hill some 550 metres above sea level, Casa Montana offers the best view of Khaoyai  as it is only 100 metres from the park boundary and facing the evergreen part of the mountain. Residents of Casa Montana are known to enjoy the most spectacular scenery in Khaoyai  - or even the whole of Thailand. With a few developments in the Khaoyai area for buyers to choose from, if spectacular and unobstructed views are your main criteria, then Casa Montana should be your only choice. Of the sixteen magnificent units, each has a majestic but different view. Some have a clear view of the mountains while others have views of treetops or ponds in the foreground to add to the already beautiful background. For the best results, it is recommended that interested buyers come in person to choose the home they like best.

Casa Montana literally means “mountain home” and this 16-unit condominium project was designed with that concept in mind. Each of the 220-square-metre duplexes offers  residents the concept of living in a home in a mountainous area. Fully furnished, the 3-bedroom, high ceiling condos give you the best view from every corner and provide the functionality you can find only from top-end residential projects. With an area of 5.5 rai and only 16 units, Casa Montana provides an infinity swimming pool with spectacular view, 24-hour security and  quarter s for your drivers and maids. It also provides cleaning services for your house once a week.

Whether your idea of relaxation is to sit down and read your favourite books, to swim in the pool with the best view, to walk or bike in a friendly neighbourhood, or simply to stroll in the National Park, Casa Montana is the project for you. Located just two hours from Bangkok in Pong Ta Long district of Pakchong, Nakornratchasima, home owners here are almost guaranteed cool weather all year round. The project resides in a beautiful and friendly neighbourhood and offers the ideal atmosphere for a select group of people, just like you.

If you are interested in Casa Montana, please call Khun May at 081 8341408. For more information or to view more photos of the property go to