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If this outfit can’t get people to the zoo, we don’t know what will


What Guinness World Record was recently set in Bangkok?

A)The city with the most number of tailor shops in a row.

B)The largest amount of whitening products in any given space.

C)The only place in the world where available taxis refuse to pick up passengers.

D)The most people simultaneously dancing with a hula hoop. Nearly 5,000 contestants broke the record for mass hula-hooping last week, shattering Taiwan's 2011 record. The Thai record was achieved by 4,483 participants and stands at seven uninterrupted minutes of hula-hooping, while Taiwan's record was two continuous minutes. The event took place at Thammasat University and was organised by the Public Health Ministry to encourage people to stay active and healthy.


Why do people - who don't need any work done on their car - just randomly drop into Kohfeldt's Auto Repair shop in Florence, New Jersey?

A)Because the shop always has hot girls in bikinis washing cars.

B)Because there's not much else to do in Florence, New Jersey.

C)Because the shop uses car-maintenance products that smell like bacon.

D)Because the joint reportedly has a toilet and sink that once belonged to Adolf Hitler. Greg Kohfeldt, the owner of the auto repair shop, says the toilet was installed by the previous owner and came from Hitler's favourite yacht, the Aviso Grille. About a dozen or so people stop by the shop each month just to look at the bathroom. No word what fascist toilets look like, but we're guessing it won't take crap from anyone.


How are officials at the Taipei Zoo attempting to draw in more visitors during the winter season?

A)By kidnapping Lhinping and hoping Thai visitors will travel to see their favourite panda.

B)By repeatedly showing videos of cats playing the piano on a large movie screen.

C)By dressing up all the zoo animals in cute winter outfits.

D)By creating an exhibition around animal poop. Taipei Zoo is planning to hold a demonstration three times a week where they will dissect and explain the contents of animal poop for any interested visitors. Zoo officials say the topic of poop is very appealing to boys between five and nine, and are hoping they could be the target audience. Let's just hope the poop-dissecters don't find the remains of any other zoo animals in there.

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