McLaren P1 specs revealed

Hypercar to gain 916hp hybrid engine, plus F1-style performance-boosters

How fast will the P1 go? 

Sorry dude, McLaren hasn't revealed that yet. But what they have is the engine specs for the P1.The production-ready hypercar, due to premiere in Geneva next month, is confirmed to get the 3.8-litre twin-turbo engine and seven-speed dual-clutch automatic from the MP4-12C supercar.

For the P1, the M838T-coded engine has been tuned to 737hp from the MP4-12C's 630hp. And hooked up with a 179hp electric motor, the combined power comes to 916hp (torque is rated at 900Nm).

So I'll get to drive like Button?

Yes, quite similarly in an F1 racing car. The electricity can be used for what McLaren calls the Instant Power Assist System which allows for 179hp bursts of power for overtaking, as such.

The electric motor also allows for 10km of zero-CO2 driving around the city, if you're okay with creeping around with no aural thrills.

And you'll definitely feel like Jenson when you want to reduce drag. It can simply be done by pressing a button on the steering wheel (along with the power boost function) to activate the rear wing.

There's lots of carbon fibre in the car...

Also for the first time, McLaren has issued pictures of the P1's interior pointing to a very minimalist design. Note the instrument panel that has digital readout and carbon-fibre bits for a racy appeal.

In fact, the body of the P1 itself is made from such a lightweight material, as McLaren wants to make the car as light as possible. No figure has been revealed yet, although it shouldn't exceed 1,300kg.

Hope it will be great on the move...

McLaren must have surely learned some lessons when they launched the MP4-12C initially: there were criticisms that the engine sounded too meek.

Therefore, expect the P1 to sing a nice soundtrack (when petrol power comes to life) because Ferrari is hot on McLaren's heel of revealing its Enzo-successor in a matter of time.

McLaren continues to stress that the P1 won't be the fastest car in the world, but it will definitely be a rewarding machine to drive without sacrificing on comfort and refinement _ two elements that can be found in the MP4-12C.

Interior has minimalist design and uses lots of carbon fibre.

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