Poll: Thais think lottery is rigged

A majority of people who buy lottery tickets believe the draw is fixed, according to the conclusions of a Nida Poll revealed on Wednesday.

The pollsters at the National Institution of Development Administration (Nida) surveyed 1,256 people throughout Thailand about their lottery-purchasing behaviour and for their views on whether the national lottery is rigged or not.

They reported that 50.24% of respondents thought the winning numbers were fixed because the same "doubles" and "triples" (for example 22 and 222) are frequently the winning numbers, but others thought differently, saying that the live broadcast of the lottery draw showed its transparency.

The pollsters said 54.38% of the people polled said they regularly buy the lottery. Almost half of those, 49.78%, said they buy both tickets in the official lottery run by the government and also gamble on the underground lottery, with 42.02% claiming they purchase only the official lottery tickets and 8.20% saying they buy only the illegal lottery.

When narrowed down to lottery-buyers only, a clear majority of 61.79% felt that the draw results were fixed. However, only 36.47% of non-lottery buyers agreed.

Pornpen Worasittha, a lecturer at Nida, said that the idea of the lottery being rigged is common among people who try their luck with the lottery.

Some people feel that the idea is used to generate a buzz which stimulates people to buy more tickets, while others feel there is fraud for political gain, similar to the process of stock speculation. But this accusation should not be made without evidence, she said.

She suggested the government increase the transparency of the lottery draw and that it should be broadcast every time.

The live draw of the official lottery disappeared for a while and only recently returned, lottery buyers say. There is a separate live draw for the Government Savings Bank.

The legal lottery draw is on the first and the sixteenth of every month. The illegal lottery offers many other, daily, options to gamble on numbers.

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