Canvassing style

The look is rustic chic _ half military, half indie. It's fashion understated, all homemade to boot

Solomonmini Bag is a line from a small designer/seamster/entrepreneur who transforms real US Mail canvas bags _ those with drawstrings around metal loops at the top used by the postal service _ into cool totes in various colours. Ordering the canvas fabric from the States, Saner Lohvitee runs a one-man operation from his home studio: he cuts, sews and designs each bag, one by one, finishing them by attaching leather straps. The metal loops are still there, though for decorative rather than functional purposes.

Solomonmini doesn't have its own shop. The bags, priced 2,000-3,000 baht, are available in a section of Saen Dee shop (which is a furniture outlet) in JJ Mall near Chatuchak market. Probably the best way to view the products is on Solomonmini's Facebook page. There you can communicate with the bag-maker and ask him for tailor-made bags from the brand's signature fabric. For instance, you can ask Saner to add an iPad inside pocket, or make mid-size bags that fit onto a bicycle, or a camera set. You can specify the number of straps and the colour of the accessories.

Made from heavy-duty cloth, the bags achieve a kind of urban stylishness. And when they get dirty, you can just throw them into a washing machine. Tough, and sweet.

Look up Solomonmini-remake on Facebook.

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Writer: Kong Rithdee
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