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H Project Space presents "Metamorphosis and Flux", an international exhibition on translation which explores text and ideas of interpretation during the year Bangkok has been designated Unesco's World Book Capital.

Metamorphosis and Flux will be on show atHProject Space from Thursday toMay26. The art space is located on the 2nd floor ofHGallery on Sathon Soi 12 and opens daily except Tuesdays from 10amto 6pm. Call 085-021-5508.

Art is premised on translation and communication _ from sense to concept and from thought to action and expression. This exhibition brings together an international selection of artists whose works _ books, film and works on paper _ grapple with the very idea of translation: how language, meanings and beliefs mutate as they move from one form to another.

With globalisation, we are more aware than ever of the pressing but often fraught terms of exchange between different linguistic histories and contexts.

The participating artists are bilingual, multilingual, or students of foreign languages. Some are emigres or have been influenced by cultures much different from their own.

Through text and image, this exhibition explores and celebrates the slippages, distortions, misunderstandings and humorous oddness that can emerge from the process of translation.

At the heart of the metamorphosis and flux that occurs, we will inevitably find new ways of thinking about the world as we experience it. Works will include English, Greenlandic, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Thai, Spanish, Burmese and asemic texts and voices.