Sweet surrender

Make-up becomes a sweet affair as Korean brand Etude House turns candies and ice cream into its delicious spring 2013 collection.

The Sweet Recipe is actually inspired by the Brothers Grimm classic fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel, in which the two young siblings encountered a cannibalistic witch who lived in a house made of cake and confectionery.

The sweet concept is conveyed in both cute packaging and product texture.

Firstly, the face can be smoothened with the Baby Choux make-up base, available in three shades to create a super moist complexion, iconic to Korean make-up style.

An assortment of cakes, however, steal the scene in this collection as the Cupcake All Over Colour is a multifunctional cream textured formula that can sweeten eyes, cheeks and lips.

The mouth-watering experience can be made with sweeping Dear My Jelly Lips, a lipstick with xylitol as a sweetener. In fruity flavours, the formula also includes sugar cane, sugar maple, orange and lemon extracts as if Etude House were really cooking candies. The collection's fruity lip gloss may be mistaken for candy cane, whereas doing nails can be even more fun with the Ice Cream nail polish in pastel hues infused with glitter.

Etude's spring palette include both pastel and bright shades to add sparkle to the Korean make-up style popular among Thai teens.

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