Land, sea and air in 'Lego City Undercover' TV trailer

Dashing hero Chase McCain pursues criminal Rex Fury throughout Lego City by air, land and sea, donning costumes and disguises, in a TV trailer for the March 18 Wii U game.

Launching on March 18 in North America and March 28 in European and Australian regions, the Wii U title is made by the studio behind the "Lego Star Wars," "Lego Indiana Jones" and "Lego Harry Potter" games.

In fact, recent effort "Lego Batman 2" hinted at the possibility of the more open-world adventuring contained within "Lego City Undercover," which has been presented as a Wii U exclusive with a portable 3DS prequel coming in April.

Many aspects appear to owe a debt to the "Grand Theft Auto" series, but upcoming "Grand Theft Auto V" will place players on the wrong side of the law and, crucially, isn't out until September 17.

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