Drug trafficker killed in Chiang Rai

One drug smuggler was reported killed in a clash with Chiang Rai police during which 300,000 methamphetamine pills were seized late on Tuesday night.

The gun battle occurred when police at a checkpoint on Ban Na-Ban San Kong road in tambon Pong Pha of Chiang Rai’s Mae Sai district signalled the driver of a pickup truck to stop for an inspection, the report said.

Instead, the driver and a passenger opened fire on police with handguns. Police fired back and when the shooting stopped about five minutes later they found the dead body of the driver, still holding a .38 pistol in his right hand.

He was later identified as Suk Wannakon, 34, a Lahu tribeman and a resident of tambon Mae Yao of Chiang Rai.

His passenger managed to escape in the dark.

Police search the pickup truck and found 300,000 tablets of methamphetamine, or yaba, hidden inside.

Police believed Suk was a member of the gang run by wanted drug lord Col Yise.

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