MAI firms set earnings record

Companies listed on the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI) reported historic highs for sales and earnings in 2012, with net profit rising 22.1% and sales increasing 13.71%.

Aggregate sales and net profit reached 107.90 billion and 5.87 billion respectively, said MAI president Chanitr Charnchainarong.

Some 80% of the 84 MAI-listed companies reported net profits in 2012. These firms had gross profit margins of 19.51%, similar to last year, although the cost of products and services swelled 14.41%.

"Sales hit 100 billion baht for the first time, mostly from sales and net profits of existing listed companies, representing 83% of total sales. Earnings from the automotive industry and remarkable profits from the property and construction sector also contributed," he said.

The MAI firms Chu Kai Plc (CRANE), Interlink Communication Plc (ILINK), Jubilee Enterprise Plc (JUBILE), Lighting & Equipment Plc (L&E), Master Ad Plc (MACO), Qualitech Plc (QLT), Simat Technologies Plc (SIMAT), Sherwood Chemicals Plc (SWC), and Unimit Engineering Plc (UEC) have recorded a net profit every year since 2010.

The MAI closed at 472.88 points yesterday with a market capitalisation of 185.4 billion.