Classic confucian cuisine

Shang Palace at Shangri-La hotel, Bangkok, is offering diners a rare opportunity to experience Qufu's famed Kong family cuisine for lunch and dinner from tomorrow until March 15. Unique in style, the cuisine of the Kong family features creative presentations of skilfully combined ingredients that express the four most important elements in the art of Chinese cooking: colour, aroma, flavour and texture.

Qufu, in Shandong province on China's east coast, is the birthplace of the famous Chinese philosopher Kong Fuzi, better known in the West as Confucius. His philosophy, Confucianism, has spread across East Asia, while under his descendants, the Kong family, Qufu cuisine has also flourished. The delicacies, a combination of Shandong's regional lu methods and su cuisine from South China, are prepared with unsparing attention to ingredients, appearance, taste and shape.

The "Kong Family Cuisine Menu" will feature 25 a la carte items including an assortment of cold and hot dishes, soups and desserts. Banquet menu sets are available for tables of six, eight or 10 people. To prepare the elaborate cuisine, five lu chefs and a team of servers from the new Shangri-La hotel, Qufu will journey to Bangkok for this special promotion. The five lu chefs are executive chef Ng Kok Leong, banquet sous chef Lin Shui Cheng, sous chef Chen Yu Ming, chefs Kong Tao and Liu Song. The two lady servers are Jiang Wenjuan and Xing Yingying.

Their specially created "Kong Family Cuisine Menu" embraces tradition with items such as Kong Mansion's "Six Art" cold appetisers (spiced beef shanks, sea whelk jelly salad, scallops and lettuce salad, jellyfish salad, spiced duck tongues and baby celery with sesame and olive oil), and Lu Wall's Hidden Collection (prawn roll wrapped in crispy vermicelli) and auspicious sounding dishes such as Wisdom Frees Perplexity (braised pork ribs stuffed with spring onion stalk) and Confucius "Four Supreme Bowls" _ Fortune, Prosperity, Longevity and Happiness (braised chicken, braised fish, braised pork and meat roll of minced chicken breast and prawns wrapped with seaweed).

"Kong Family Cuisine Menu" promotion runs from tomorrow until March 15 at Shang Palace, Shangri-La hotel, Bangkok for lunch and dinner.
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