Poll: Amnesty bill could lead to conflict

The draft amnesty bill proposed by Pheu Thai MPs could bring about another round of political conflict, according to the survey results released on Saturday by Suan Dusit Poll at Suan Dusit Rajabaht University.

Draft legislation for a broad amnesty for people facing politically related charges, signed by 42 MPs of the Pheu Thai Party led by Worachai Hema, was submitted to House Speaker Somsak Kiatsuranont on Thursday.

The pollster said opinions on the move to seek amnesty for offenders in connection with the political rallies by Pheu Thai MPs were sought from 1,079 people in Bangkok and nearby provinces, between March 6 and March 8.

Saun Dusit Poll reported that 38.30% of the respondents were concerned of possible political turmoil caused by the proposed amnesty law, 31.92% of them wanted politicians to think of the country’s benefit rather than self-interest and 29.78% said the advantage and disadvantage of the amnesty bill should be studies first.

Asked about good points of the amnesty bill, 62.50% of the polled people said it can help innocent people facing criminal charges, 22.91% said it is a good opportunity to end conflicts, bring about reconciliation and 14.59% said% it would allow the country to move forward.

On the law’s week points, 49.40% of the respondents said it would whitewash the real offenders, eroding justice system, 27.71% of them were worried that there might be loopholes encouraging the wrongdoers to do it again and 22.89% said the people opposing the bill would take to the streets to rally against it, leading to political turmoil again.

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