Google Glass will work with prescription lenses

Google has confirmed that it is developing a version of its headset so that users who already need to wear glasses to correct their vision can also partake in the Google Glass phenomenon.

Greg Priest-Dorman wearing Google Glass over perscription glasses

In a post on the company's official Project Glass Google+ page, Google reveals that one of the most frequent questions asked about the headset is whether it will work with prescription glasses. "The short answer is: yes!" is the company's response.

The post continues: "The Glass design is modular, so you will be able to add frames and lenses that match your prescription. We understand how important this is and we've been working hard on it... We're still perfecting the design for prescription frames. Although the frames won't be ready for the Explorer Edition's release, hang in there -- you can expect to see them later this year." The post also includes an image of Greg Priest-Dorman, a member of the Glass team, sporting a headset along with his prescription glasses.

Although compatibility issues with an existing, necessary headset like vision correcting lenses is a valid question, the burning question that is being asked most frequently at the moment by the world's leading tech blogs and newspapers, such as ZDNet and The Guardian, is more along the lines of "How will Google Glass affect my privacy?"

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