Follow your star

Dear Capricorn, you work better with older people. A bigwig will give you an opportunity for career growth. Jobseekers may get to work in a firm dominated by women. Singles continue to look for that special someone.

Dear Aquarius, your work life is full of conflicts and hurdles. Your plan may be turned upside down. Don't expect miracles or help from anyone. Singles meet someone who is into kinky stuff and filming amateur porn.

Dear Pisces, you're buried under a huge workload. Pitfalls are possible so be extra careful. You spend more money than expected. Singles, you have the power to steal someone else's beau or belle, if you want to.

Dear Aries, your network is growing. An acquaintance helps you in a negotiation. You may receive extra income in a business transaction. Investments are likely to yield good returns. Pregnancy is possible for committed couples.

Dear Taurus, office seniors offer their support. You're adept at being a mediator, publicist, or teacher. Extra rewards await you. Singles may be hot for someone they meet at work.

Dear Gemini, travelling outside the country may have a life-changing impact. Things you thought were impossible become possible. Teamwork improves and everyone respects each other. Couples get along well.

Dear Cancer, you manage to turn a crisis into a small hurdle. Co-workers who are of a lower rank are reliable and help you achieve your goals. Those in love may dump their partner for someone new.

Dear Leo, you can handle all kinds of issues at work. You receive praise for completing a major assignment. Household expenses increase. Couples make more of an effort to show they care for each other.

Dear Virgo, though work may move forward slowly, the finish line is near. A reliable business partner or client shows up. New challenges await those who are bored with their job. Couples may conceive a baby.

Dear Libra, business talks lead to a new investment. Your work progresses at a greater speed thanks to a helpful assistant. Beware of debt-dodgers. Single Librans, you meet a young suitor who is eager to please you.

Dear Scorpio, various factors unexpectedly help turn your plan into a success. You may pay off a huge debt. Investments yield satisfying returns. Singles may find love in strange circumstances when they least expect it.

Dear Sagittarius, brace for changes and interruptions at work. Someone may try to blame you for their mistakes. Beware of an offer that sounds too good to be true. Singles, you meet someone who wants to start an affair with you.