Pursuit of liberty

You may have seen the Statue of Liberty on New York City's Liberty Island, but it's unlikely you have seen the Human Statue of Liberty. The shape of the statue was formed by 18,000 officers and soldiers in July 1918 to promote the sale of war bonds, but was never used. It was said many fainted as they were dressed in woollen uniforms and the temperature was almost 41C. Photographed by a Chicago studio, Mole & Thomas, the camera was positioned on top of a specially constructed 24m-high tower. The most impressive fact is due to perspective, 16,000 men formed the torch, while just 2,000 people formed the rest of the statue.

Check out the Human Statue of Liberty at http://bit.ly/Degrj


Forget all the old-fashioned billboards featuring muscular men and slim women you have seen, because this is not just another billboard. It's a billboard that claims to be the first to produce drinkable water out of air. The structure is located in Lima, Peru, where its 1.2 million residents lack running water and rely on water trucks operated by private companies. The city has 98% humidity  -  more than enough for the billboard to turn into drinkable water. The process is simple: the billboard captures humid air, which then goes through air and carbon filters to create drinkable water. The billboard was created by Mayo DraftFCB, an ad agency, for the University of Engineering and Technology of Peru. It was introduced late last year and produces about 100 litres of water each day.

Check out the details at http://ti.me/15voEKy

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