Battle of the beach, Think what you like, Back together again?

Concert kerfuffle

A multi-million baht legal battle between two socialites beckons after a concert in Phuket failed to live up to expectations.

Socialite businessman Jirat "Champ" Petnunthawong, organiser of the Sydictive Element New Year party on Patong beach, says he is contemplating a suit worth at least 100 million baht against the man he hired to promote the event, Anandadvip "Chai" Jayankura na Ayuthaya.

Champ, who called in the media on Thursday to announce the plans, said Chai's claims the concert was poorly organised and had left guests out of pocket had damaged his reputation and that of his business.

Champ, 22, is head of a power company, owns a nightclub in Chiang Mai and runs a company organising the Sydictive Element music festivals.

He is also the elder brother of socialite Warrapan "Namwan" Pankongchuen, who is embroiled in claims she is seeing the husband of actress and model Panita "Ning" Tumwattana.

Chai, who runs a public relations company, and is a long-time friend of actress Ning, laid a complaint on March 5 with the Crime Suppression Division for breach of contract against Champ.

He said Champ hired him to help promote the concert, but failed to pay him in full. He had paid him just 500,000 baht of the three million baht agreed.

Chai said publicity for the Dec 30-31 concert promised top DJs and performers such as Akon, JFK of Mstkrft, Tiga and Pendulum, performing on the world's largest floating stage.

However, media reports painted a less than flattering picture, after headlining hip hop act Akon failed to show after a contract dispute, and VIP guests complained of less than deluxe treatment.

Chai said the concert failed to deliver as promised. "Unhappy guests are still writing to me," he said.

"I have known Ning for 12 years, and planned to file this complaint before news emerged of her problems [with Champ's family]," he told reporters, denying he was lodging the complaint to avenge the actress.

Ning said this month her husband's affair with Namwan is unlikely to spell the end of their marriage, as she still has to look after their baby daughter.

Earlier, her businessman husband, Jin Tumwattana, offered a public apology for his actions.

Namwan's internet-savvy mother inadvertently identified her daughter as Jin's fling when she published on Instagram an intimate online exchange between the pair.

Champ, announcing his plans for a counter-suit, said Chai had approached him wanting to help promote the concert, not the other way around.

Chai had asked for three million baht to promote the event, but they agreed on a lesser figure of one million baht. He produced a signed receipt showing Chai had received payment.

"I asked him to repay 500,000 baht of that after I saw the fruits of his work. He was hopelessly late," he said, referring to a press conference called to promote the event.

The young businessman said his sister, Namwan, intends to clear the air about her alleged affair with Jin when she returns from a visit to the US.

"As far as I can tell, they were just friends. Jin was in the same gang of friends as me. We raced Ferraris together," he said.

On Instagram last week, Namwan took a break from her travels to urge critics to temper their harsh words.

"Please don't use impolite language to criticise my mother. She is a senior, has ethics and compassion. She has never encouraged me to do anything bad," she said, referring to her mother's defence of her actions.

I don't care what you think

Feisty actress Chermarn "Ploy" Boonyasak has a blunt answer for critics who say she is faking illness to draw attention to herself.

Chermarn ‘Ploy’ Boonyasak.

"I'm not interested in what the critics say. Let them get on with it," she said last week.

As if to underline her message, Ploy published on her Instagram account a bare-bottom picture of herself being injected by a hospital nurse.

Ploy visited hospital twice last week for steroid injections, to help her overcome persistent health problems.

Ploy fainted at a city function late last month in what critics said was a suspiciously graceful collapse as she took part in a function for Lux.

She had just left the stage and was making her way towards reporters when she fell to the ground.

"The doctor says I have a sinus infection, and I have not eaten all day," she said.

Since then, Ploy has kept up a dizzying round of work engagements, squeezing in a trip to South Korea, and the launch of her new Channel 3 soap opera, where reporters caught up with her last week.

"I can'stop working, as I am all booked up," she told them.

"The doctor has actually forbidden me from talking. My tonsils are okay now, but I still have problem with my voice, a sore throat and an infected nasal cavity," she said.

"As far as the soap opera is concerned, we're filming tomorrow, and then I have nothing more until the end of the month.

"I will go to the doctor for a complete checkup, including a blood test. But I'm not worried. The doctor says I'm not sick, but just need rest."

The actress says she has learned to ignore her critics, such as those who claim she sells herself, and faked the faint to promote her latest soap.

"I ignore the carpers. They just make noise. I focus on my fans, and am grateful that so many support me on Facebook," she said.

On again, off again, on again?

Actor and DJ Pakorn "Dome" Lum says he is back together with his girlfriend after a distant patch.

Dome, 33, and his girlfriend, TV presenter and actress Jirantanin "Kusjung" Pitakporntrakul, 20, took to Instagram early this month to complain about each other, stoking rumours the pair were again headed for the rocks.

Jirantanin ‘Kusjung’ Pitakporntrakul and Pakorn ‘Dome’ Lum.

By mid-week, however, Dome had published pictures of himself and Kasjung on an outing, signalling they had now made up.

"That's three times he's had to make up, and two times they've split," the Manager/ASTV newspaper crowed.

When reporters caught up with Dome a few days later, he was philosophical.

"I'm pretty sure we're back together. When I spoke out last time I didn't say we'd quit. I just said we'd argued. We're on and off constantly. But at the moment it looks as if things are going better. We still call each other," he said.

Dome insists their love is like that of any young couple, despite the ups and downs.

Dome and Kusjung broke up last October amid reports that Dome, known for his angelic good looks and eye for the Ladies, had started to stray.

Kusjung dumped Dome soon after, though the pair eventually made up and gave it another go. She has yet to comment on whether Dome is correct in thinking they are now an item again.

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