Lawmakers to table 3charter bills

About 60 senators have agreed to submit three bills to amend the constitution by sections to parliament tomorrow.

The group, led by Nonthaburi senator Direk Thuengfang, former chairman of the Reconciliation Committee for Political Reform and Constitution Amendment, announced the plan yesterday.

Mr Direk said the senators want to change the law so the Constitution Court will not have the authority to take up cases on its own related to sections 237 and 68 of the charter.

The sections involve the dissolution of political parties and the banning of party executive members from political positions due to electoral fraud.

Pheu Thai MP Udomdej Rattanasathien, a member of the coalition parties' committee for the study of charter amendments, said those who commit electoral fraud must be punished individually.

Speaking about the amendment of Section 190, Mr Direk said the section has led to delays in government work as all contracts with other countries must undergo parliament's consideration.

The group is also proposing amending Section 117, which involves the senator selection process, with Mr Direk saying all 200 senators should be elected.

Mr Udomdej added the amendment bill will also allow the senators to stand for a second term. The pressent constitution limits them to only one term.

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Writer: Mongkol Bangprapa & Patsara Jikkham