Epson unit will get Thai executive

Epson, the world's top printer producer, has selected Thailand as the first country in Asia to be headed by a local executive, citing the country's outstanding performance.

Under its new local growth management strategy, the Japanese company will allow local managers to run its regional units after years of having Japanese executives holding the rein.

In the case of Thailand, Epson appointed Japanese executives to operate the unit for two decades.

"The Thai unit recorded a compound annual growth rate of 40% in the past four years, thanks to our strong management team and the country's dynamic growth," said Eiji Kato, country manager of Epson (Thailand), who will end his four-year term next Tuesday.

After his term ends, a Thai executive will replace him.

Epson expected to report revenue of over 3 billion baht for fiscal 2012 ending March 30 this year, up from 2.6 billion.

Mr Kato said Epson Europe adopted the local growth management strategy 10 years ago and now Asia would rely on local talents as well.

Thailand now acts as a hub for five countries: Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Pakistan, he said.

"The combined sales revenue from the five countries was less than 30% of the Thai unit's sales," he noted.

Yunyong Muneemongkoltorn, general manager of Epson (Thailand), said the Thai unit still reported directly to Epson Singapore, the regional headquarters.

He said Epson expected to see double-digit revenue growth in Thailand this year.

Epson is expanding into the emerging on-demand printing services of the commercial and industry printer segment, of which growth is 80% compared to a very low rate of the saturated consumer printer segment.

Digital photo printing laboratories are another growth area for Epson SureLab inkjet printers. The 1-million-baht printer has high potential to replace the conventional silver halide printing photo labs, thanks to greater environment awareness and the automatic feature.

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