Kitchen confidential

Forget Gordon Ramsay, Alliance Francaise Bangkok will serve up some kitchen nightmares with a presentation of the cult French comedy Cuisine & Dependances.

Le Petit Theatre is staging Cuisine & Dependances at Alliance Francaise Bangkok on Saturday at 7.30pm.

Written by Agnes Jaoui and Jean-Pierre Bacri, it will be performed on Saturday at 7.30pm.

In the play, an average middle-class couple, Jacques and Martine, invites a friend, a successful writer and journalist, to come to dinner with his wife. They are joined by Georges, a childhood friend, Martine's brother Fred and his girlfriend.

While dinner takes place in the living room where all is friendly and relaxed, it's turmoil inside the kitchen. Everyone bumps into each other and it's there that hosts and guests open up, confide in each other, lose their tempers and settle scores.

The play will be staged by the Le Petit Theatre company from Ho Chi Minh City, with Bernadette Delpieu as director.

Established by Andre Gautier in 2007, the theatre company is made up of non-professional actors with a passion for the stage who want to share their love of theatre with the French speaking audiences of Southeast Asia.

Their repertory includes Un air de famille, La salle a manger, On choisit pas sa famille, La boutique au coin de la rue, and Ils etaient tous mes fils.

Tickets cost 400 baht (250 baht for students and members) and can be purchased from Alliance Francaise's Media Library. Call 02-670-4231 or email