Democrat list MP Pichanmeth dies

Gen Pichanmeth Muangmanee, a Democrat Party list MP and a former commander of the 3rd Army Region, died of cancer on Tuesday night. He was 67.

Gen Pichanmeth commanded the 3rd Army from 2003-2005 before being made a special adviser to the army until his retirement.

He joined the Democrat Party and was elected a party list MP in 2007 and again in 2011.  After being elected for his second term he fell sick and spent most of the time under treatment in a hospital. He never attended another House meeting.

Gen Pichanmeth's MP seat will be taken up by Issara Sunthornwat, who is next on the Democrat Party list.

Gen Pichanmeth Muangmanee (Photo by Jetjaras na Ranong)

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