Follow your star

Dear Capricorn, whatever you do, you do it well. People at work view you as a somebody. You're successful at implementing new plans. Money issues end in happiness. Minor jealousy between lovers is possible.

Dear Aquarius, a project comes to completion and many kudos and good offers await you. An older family member helps those who are unemployed. People who disapprove of your lover try to fix you up with someone else.

Dear Pisces, people who are supposed to work with you turn hostile. Come up with a backup plan. Singles attract suitors of both genders. Pisceans in love meet someone who is keen for an affair.

Dear Aries, troubles seem to find you, bringing you down emotionally. Being honest may backfire. If you want success, be a little sneaky. Those who are seeing several people at once may end up choosing the one who's insincere.

Dear Taurus, you turn everything into a success. Office bigwigs appreciate your efforts. Settling into a new job will occur smoothly. You earn more and save more. Singles may grow close to someone already taken or widowed.

Dear Gemini, helpful colleagues show you how to solve problems. Your career goes as planned. A negotiation may not turn out well. Those in love consider exploring other options while friends introduce them to new people.

Dear Cancer, work may not go as expected. You may be offered a high-paying job but it won't be enjoyable. A quarrel over money is possible. Don't blow your savings on investments. Singles meet people, but no one who strikes their fancy.

Dear Leo, unfinished business is resolved. A legal dispute may be settled out of court. A mentor helps you gain new skills. Leonians in love don't get to spend time with their partner but their bond remains unshakeable.

Dear Virgo, work is smooth this week. You're good at persuading people. Talk to the boss if you want to move to another department. You have good control over your budget. Singles, you're happy with being unattached.

Dear Libra, there are many issues you have to think about. Listen to advice but don't ignore your gut feeling. Miscommunication may snowball into a legal dispute. Singles meet online and offline suitors.

Dear Scorpio, you may be dragged into a scandal regarding forgery. A big betrayal is possible. Don't rely on luck. Someone may steal money from you. Artists sell their work at high profits. Couples bicker.

Dear Sagittarius, work progresses smoothly and the boss makes it clear you're the golden boy/girl. You may be assigned to lead a new project. Couples may fight over a trivial matter but reconcile quickly.