Cop-killing drug dealer gets life

A drug dealer who ran over and killed a motorcycle policeman while trying to escape arrest has been sentenced to life imprisonment, and his female accomplice jailed for seven years.

Alongkorn Reumprachathippatai Preeyanuch Puttikorn been sentenced to life and seven-year imprisonment. Photo by Surapol Promsaka Na Sakhonnakorn

The Bangkok Criminal Court first sentenced Alongkorn Reumprachathippatai, 26, to death for killing the policeman, and then commuted the penalty to life because he confessed.

Preeyanuch Puttikorn, 24, who was in the car with him, was convicted and sentenced to 14 years behind bars, the term reduced to seven years because she confessed.

They were also both found guilty on drug charges.

Pol Cpt Thaweesak Daorueng, of Sutthisan police station, was killed during a sting operation to arrest the couple, on Jan 11 2012.

He posed as a buyer and lured the dealers to Lad Phrao Soi 48. Pol Lt Siriwich Ruamchit accompanied Pol Cpt Thaweesak on the operation, the court heard.

The two dealers realised it was set up and tried to escape on their car. The two policemen chased them on their motorcycle. The fleeing car then suddenly turned around and was driven straight into the motorycle carrying the two officers.

Pol Lt Siriwich, fell off and suffered minor injuries. Pol Cpt Thaweesak fell under the car and his body was dragged for several metres along theroad. He died on the spot.

When arrested, the two had 200 methamphetamine pills in their possession, the court was told.

The court ordered Alongkorn's family to pay the family of the deceased police officer 1.6 million baht in compensation, and also fined him 375,000 baht. Preeyanuch was also fined 375,000 baht.

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